Reveiw: Direwolves

Direwolves Me From Myself, To Banish Throatruiner

Direwolves-Me-From-Myself-To-Banish-2012The merry pranksters at France’s Throatruiner Records are at it again. This is one of those labels that not that many people in North America seem to know about, but they put out some really forward stuff. We’ve reviewed a couple of other releases that they’ve done in earlier posts (specifically Calviire and Birds in Row) and as I recall we quite liked them. I certainly dug them enough to avail myself of Birds in Row’s back catalog, although I think that those guys have flown the coop to a bigger label.

Anyway, I’ve just procured a recent release by Direwolves and it is yet another Throatruiner project that exhibits qualities of real excellence. Direwolves hail from Lorient in the wilds of Brittany, about which I know nothing other than that they have a football club that tends to mid-table form in Ligue 1 (although they did just put L’Om to the sword) when they are not getting bounced down to Ligue 2. Direwolves, one must say, are Ligue 1 material all the way. Their six song release, entitled Me From Myself, To Banish, has as sound which is, if not unique, at least hard to find effective examples by way of comparison. Imagine  Articles of Faith doing a sort of screamo thing, maybe with a bit of Alpinist thrown in for good measure. The songs are short and to the point, but still involve arrangements that are varied enough to maintain interest. They bear a certain similarity to other Throatruiner productions, but their sound is a bit cleaner and their pace tends to be generally quicker than some of the other material on this label. However you want to describe these guys, they rock like a hurricane, and we can only hope that they get back in the studio soon for another release.


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