Review: Unrest

Unrest Lake of Misery Rising Riot Records // Per Koro Records

unrest2A few months ago we reviewed a four song release by Münster grind/crust maniacs Unrest. I was good. Damn good. The kind of thing that really leaves you wanting more. Well, I am happy to relate that more is now available. This actually came out in August but slipped our notice, probably due to the fact that during that part of the year I was wrapped up with reviewing every extant d-beat band in Spain. Anyway, I’m up on the curve now. The lads deliver more of the absolutely blistering crust that exploded off their earlier EP. Lake of Misery opens with about 20 seconds of feedback and then blasts off with eleven cuts of hyperaggressive thrash. These guys do not beat around the bush. They burn the fucking bush to the ground, then scatter the ashes. There is a lot to love for fans of crusty hc: razor sharp drumming and super tight musicianship form the back drop for a vocalist who sounds like he’s scooping out chunks of his guts with a mattock. There is minimal influence here. Mostly it is eschewed in favor of totally unrelenting, blazing thrash, occasionally broken up by whirlwind blast beats or grinding passages. The production is clear and lets everything come through. If there is a better thrash record that has come out worldwide this year I haven’t heard it. Now if we could just get these guys to come over to the U.S. (or maybe I’ll just have to head back to Germany).


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