Review: Sahn Maru

Picture of Sahn Maru

Sahn Maru Never Too Late Inimical Records

I’m basically just working through a backlog of stuff, so apologies if you see reviews of stuff that came out a while ago. Then again, why am I apologizing to you? Read it or don’t.

Sahn Maru - Poisoned BloodSahn Maru is a Bay Area crusty h.c. act featuring two former members of the Blown to Bits. There is a certain amount of Scandinavian influence here, but it doesn’t sound like the legions of Skitsystem imitators out there. The ten songs included here do feature a lot of that peculiar d-beat picking cadence, but with a specifically West Coast sort of feel to it. They manage to sound dark and angry without too much down tuning, and the vocals are gruff without being completely incomprehensible. I’ve seen them compared to bands like Totalitär, but their song structures are kind of different and don’t quite have that straight ahead feel that characterized Ni Maste Bort. They actually remind me of Clown Alley, but with less of a metallic approach and without CA’s quirky song structures.

The subject matter here is to a great degree environmental. This carries over into the imagery included in their artwork, which really gives the impression of a planet having the very life sucked out of it. Musically this is a really furious release; punk rock with very little metal alloy but plenty of rage and aggression. The perfect background music for witnessing the decay of all life.


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