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Review: Lentic Waters

Posted in Reviews with tags , , , on June 17, 2012 by Magadh

Lentic Waters Lentic Waters Apocaplexy Records / React With Protest / IFB Records

Perhaps you have on a time found yourself listening to the Alpinist’s Lichtlaerm and thought to yourself, “Impressive though this is, it is too square in terms of tempo and tonality to satisfy the fondest desires of my soul.” Fear not, for you have but to familiarize yourself with the efforts of the doughty souls of Lentic Waters to know true peace and contentment.

What exactly does Lentic Waters mean? Well, I had to look it up. Lentic is a more elevated synonym for sluggish. You can work it out from there. Lentic Waters hails from western Germany (their bio lists their origins as Münster, Bielefeld, and Dortmund). Their self-titled record came out last year some time and was a gang release by Apocaplexy Records, React With Protest, and IFB Records. Reading the name, I sort of expected something along the lines of Shellac (if not the Bevis Fronde). Having come upon their record in the company of grind/power violence type music, I was curious enough to proceed.

The opening track starts out with a bit of jangly guitar, slowly building in intensity and distortion so it’s only toward the end that you really understand what’s in store. From the second track, they are well out of the gate and thrashing. As mentioned above, those who have heard Alpinist will notice distinct similarities. Lentic Waters features a bit more stylistic variation than Alpinist. Their songs tend to have rather extended arrangements and they are willing to bash every ounce of power out of every lick. Although the guitars are plenty heavy, they mix in some cleaner sounds which add to the atmosphere without detracting significantly from the power. There is a very dark vibe about this whole project, one that might remind one of bands like Tragedy or From Ashes Rise, but without the d-beat approach characteristic of those bands. Those desperate for a reference point might try to imagine how His Hero is Gone might have sounded had they headed in a slightly more power violence direction.

These guys really have the d.i.y. spirit. They did what seems to be rather limited vinyl release of this record, which must certainly be long gone by now. They have, however, uploaded it to bandcamp, for which they deserve props. All in all, this is another fabulous addition to human culture. They have a split with Planks due out on Apocaplexy soon, and on the basis of what we’ve heard so far I say that the expectations are pretty high.