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All About Friends Forever Volume 4

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ImageI have been traveling a fair amount of late which accounts for my rather shoddy production for this blog. I was lucky enough to be welcomed home last night by Rich Hall and Carrie Whitney. They had my copy of the most recent volume in their All About Friends Forever series. Whitney released the original compilation in 1997. She’s now teamed up with Hall to create a new chapter; releasing remastered versions of the original tunes along with jams from the next generation.

All About Friends Forever Vol 4. is a powerhouse, featuring remastered tunes from Botch and Nineironspitfire along with new material from Children of God and Helms AleeBotch starts things off with their cover of The B52’s “Rock Lobster”. Always a crowd pleaser back in the day, their interpretation owes much to the chaotic glory of bands like Angel Hair or Swing Kids and remains a standout today. 

Children of God are up next with “Silent War”. The track conjures the brutality of early Converge and Rorschach. More straight forward than most of the excellent We Set Fire to the Sky, “Silent War” pummels the listener. A very solid offering.

Helms Alee premiered their cover of fellow North westerners Heart’s “Magic Man” via Revolver here.  They present a fairly faithful rendering of the classic which showcases the band’s substantial talent. A fitting tribute to my wife’s musical heros.

Nineironspitfire shut up shop with their 5 second blast “Dead”. Fast, brutal and vicious; just like the unfortunately short life of the band.

Hall and Whitney’s most recent release is well worth your time. Check out the tunes and download the tracks via their bandcamp here. Vinyl versions of this and all of the other volumes can be found here (I have it on good authority only 1 copy of the test pressings from Volume 4 remain). 

To learn more about the history of the project check out Eric Weiss’ (of Rumpshaker Zine) interview with Whitney at the All About Friends Tumblr.

– Captain of Games