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Tattoos, Turntables and Our New Bunker Guard

Posted in Heads Up with tags , , , , on August 12, 2012 by Magadh

One of the great things about the Seattle Tattoo Expo is the tremendous talent on show. One of my favorites is Jeremy Justice. Justice is a  true Southern gentleman who also happens to make great tattoos. That said, tattoos aren’t the only things Justice makes he also makes amazing custom turntables.

Check it out here.

Analog Tattoo’s Jim Miner also took at turn guarding the bunker. He didn’t do a half bad job.

Occult Vibrations and Foreign Visitation

Posted in Heads Up with tags , , , , , , , on August 10, 2012 by Magadh

This week finds London’s Demian Cervera visiting the bunker. The Westernmost exit is in the Pacific Northwest and with Cervera in town Mags has let me go walkabout in order to attend the Seattle Tattoo Expo as well as catch up with old friends. The fine people at Artcore Tattoo and Under the Needle Tattoo are hosting Cervera as well as a veritable whose who of the tattoo community (dudes like Phil Holt, Joel Kennedy and Jim Miner) so it promises to be a fine weekend indeed.

I’ll have some additional updates as the weekend progresses but wanted to bring Shawn Porter’s Occult Vibrations to your attention. Porter describes it as, “a blog for people interested in the symbolic legacy of tattoo culture” and I think that’s a fairly apt description.  I particularly appreciate the wealth of video Porter has painstakingly converted from VHS to digital media. If you enjoy the history of tattoo and appreciate the better bits of tattooing Occult Vibrations is for you.

– Captain of Games