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Last Sparrow Tattoo

Posted in Heads Up with tags , , , , on February 5, 2013 by Magadh


Last Sparrow Tattoo started as a labor of love for Scott Sylvia. His mission was to create an educational resource profiling the craft of tattooing and empowering the reader to understand the difference between good and bad tattoos. Last Sparrow Tattoo has grow into an amazing online community featuring a forum, galleries, tattoo book reviews, blogs and interviews with tattoo artists. They also offer ratings of tattoo shops and advice for folks interested in getting their first tattoo.

For my part, I love watching the interviews with tattoo artists. Sylvia does such a great job tracing the unique arc of each artist’s career. Sylvia says he became a tattooist because he wanted to live the pirate’s life and it is his interviews with artists from that era of tattooing that really resonant. I particularity like his interview with machine builder Dan Dringenberg, so I’ve included it below.  Last Sparrow Tattoo is a great resource and I can’t recommend it enough.

– Captain of Games