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The Wasted Years

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A Thousand Trivialities is committed to supporting DIY culture in all of its facets. We are constantly amazed at the creativity of those embracing independent media to bypass the pig system. We celebrate the authentic voices from our culture and would like to introduce you to Aaron Semer.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Aaron for over 10 years and find him to be both insightful and quite witty. His current project is a blog and podcast called The Wasted Years.  The blog is well written and profiles an array of working musicians who play some variety of heavy music. In the podcast, independent musicians sit with Aaron for an hour and discuss tales of the road. Brian Cook (Botch, These Arms are Snakes, Roy and Russian Circles) is featured in the first installment. Brian’s tales are both hilarious and compelling but it is Aaron’s skill as an interviewer that makes the podcast flow so well.

We wholeheartedly recommend you check out The Wasted Years here.

– Captain of Games