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Review: Trauma

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Bulkhead Records

I am writing this with a heavy heart. I learned this afternoon from friends that Jeff Paul, Trauma’s vocalist, was killed last night in a motorcycle crash in north Portland. In addition to his work in Trauma, Jeff will be remembered by those familiar with the Portland scene as the singer of Final Warning, one of the most awesome bands of the early 1980’s scene in Portland. I only ever met him a couple of times, but he was tight with a number of my friends back there. By all accounts he was a right guy. The world is poorer for his loss.

We reviewed the full Trauma LP here a little while ago. We had actually sort of been dragging our feet about getting a copy, and we’d done so for so long that I actually considered putting up a review of their demo cassette that came out a couple of years ago. It struck me as kind of a goof, especially given the amount hassle that I had to go through to actually find a cassette player on which to listen to it. Now this problem has been resolved by the good people at Bulkhead who have done the world the service of releasing Trauma’s demo (plus one extra song) on a 10 cut 7”. I got this a couple of days ago and it hasn’t left my turntable since. I think that this has actually been remastered, as it sounds a bit clearer than it did on the cassette. In any case, this is ripping, angry thrash as those familiar with the Portland scene have come to expect. Trauma’s stock in trade is straight 80s style hardcore without a hint of metal: short blasts of mid-to-high speed punk with committed political lyrics, played in a style that recalls the heyday of hardcore in the Rose City.

You should go out and get a copy of the 7”, not as a memoriam to Jeff Paul, but because it illustrates the continued vibrancy of the punk scene in Portland and because it is some of the most raging h.c. around. But as you listen to it, remember the massive contribution that Jeff made over his lifetime to the d.i.y. punk scene.


Review: Trauma

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Trauma S/T Feral Ward

traumaHearing awesome bands from Portland, Oregon really makes me happy. Having seen Poison Idea dozens of times in their heyday, having stood around in basements watching the likes of War Machine and the Procrastinators, having watched Ian from Apt. 3G play his guitar behind his head (better than most people can play it hanging in front of them), I’ve had a lot of good times in that town. I’m always impressed at the quantity of awesome music that has come out of that town over the years. Trauma, I am happy to say, hold the banner high.

They came out with a demo in 2009 which can still be found floating around the interweb. It is well worth locating. This is raw, 1980s style thrash with unrelenting anger and attitude. Their self-titled 12”, which came out last year on Feral Ward is more of the same. They sound like a lot of bands that one could name, but to stick with the Portland theme, you might compare them to Final Warning. They roll a bit faster, and they sound slightly cleaner, but they rock incredibly hard in that same hardcore vein: guitars with a lot of midrange, occasional heel damping, but mostly just straightforward aggro with no quarter asked and none given.